Optical Near-field Electron Microscopy

Optical Near-Field Electron Optics


Finally we can present more information on our project 'Optical Near-Field Electron Microscopy (ONEM), which aims at building a new microscope for the study of interfaces. It combines non-invasive probing with light optics, with a high-resolution read-out based on electron optics.

  • Our proposal paper on Onem can now be found on arxiv.
  • An introduction for general audience has been released in English and in German.
A schematic of the ONEM setup. A specimen within a liquid cell is illuminated (solid green line) and optically inspected (dashed green line) with a continuous-wave (cw) laser. Photoelectrons (solid red line) generated in the photocathode at the backside of the liquid cell are imaged in an aberration-corrected LEEM. For this, the electrons travel through a set of lenses and are reflected by an aberration-correcting mirror. The electron gun at the top is off in ONEM but it can be turned on to perform LEEM experiments, e.g., on the photocathode material (dashed red line).