Optical Near-field electron microscopy is a new idea for a microscope that uses the best of two worlds: Non-damaging probing with light, and high resolution using an electron-based read-out. The envisioned technique is damage-free, requires no labels, and allows for a resolution on the nanometer scale.

A detailed description of the proposal can be found here.


Leiden University. Amin Moradi successfully relocates the extremely sensitive low-energy electron microscope.


Interleaflet organization of membrane nanodomains: What can(not) be resolved by FRET?

Barbora Chmelová, David Davidović, Radek Šachl


Barbara will start her master’s thesis in our group and will work on iScat measurements of protein dynamics in lipids, with the goal to compare them...


The beauty of physical equations can now be admired in Prague with our first wall formula painting.




Join us at the Vienna Science Festival! Togegther with the group of Prof. Haslinger (TU Wien) we will measure the speed of light riding a bike.


The ONEM project is looking for a highly motivated postdoc to join us at the University of Vienna.